Independent Black Businesses: Create change with your cash

Change starts with choices. The way in which we spend our money can have a profound impact on the social make up of our communities. Independent Black Businesses is a platform that helps promote black-owned firms both in Brighton and Hove and throughout the UK. 

Independent Black Businesses: “Following another horrific, unjust murder of a black man, the death of George Floyd, I felt compelled to create a platform to actively dismantle the systemic racist structures that still exist within the UK.

I believe part of this starts with our money; where and who we choose to consume, spend and invest the energy of our money with can have a direct impact on how the economic system perpetuates or prevents racist structures.

Independent Black Businesses is a platform that supports, celebrates and promotes local black-owned independents in Brighton, surrounding areas of Sussex and across the UK.  We specialise in small businesses and boutiques that produce high quality, luxury products through ethical artisan, sustainable fashion, eco-friendly craft, artistry and creative talent.

We showcase a variety of products from vegan cakes to homeware and lifestyle accessories. Our mission is to dismantle systemic racism by encouraging people to shop with independent black businesses, in order to redistribute wealth across black communities.”

How does buying black make a difference?

“If the number of consumer investment increased in the black community, this would contribute towards generating more growth and success for black entrepreneurs and business owners. This would amplify black voices in leadership roles, enabling people of colour to have more institutional influence and establish the diversity required for economic business structures to change.”

Changing the status quo

“With only six directors holding the position of Chairman or CEO in the FTSE 100 in 2020 (The Parker Review Committee 2020), systemic racism plays a role through the corporations and institutions that sustain an under-represented presence of black people.

This low representation in company boardrooms is reflected in the white unconscious bias that seep out through company policies, production practices, recruitment processes and workplace cultures that deny the systemic racial disadvantages that black people experience, along with the continuing existence and history of white dominance.” 

Money facts

  • The Black community makes up three percent of the population in the UK.
  • The current black consumer spending power in the UK is £300bn. (IPA)
  • Black businesses generate £10bn for the UK economy
  • 95 percent of spending is done outside of the black community
  • This leaves only two percent of spending done with black-owned businesses. 
  • With this in mind, it’s easy to see how the current social structures are maintained. 

Purchasing power

“We believe with every purchase, together we can contribute towards revolutionising and breaking down the current systemic structures that racism is deeply embedded within. Here are some of our favourite Brighton-based Black Independent Businesses you can support.”

Other ways to support

“We are currently looking for funding, investment or sponsors to support us in keeping the platform going as it grows. If you are an investor or company that wants to have a strong, positive impact on dismantling systemic racism and creating a more equal society please reach out to us.”

Businesses to support

Mr Blackmans – No fuss grooming // // @MrBlackmans

Inspired by their Barbados roots and the philosophy that nature provides all we need, this Earth conscious, Brighton based brand is leading the way with its natural, handmade beard and men’s grooming products using all natural and sustainably sourced ingredients using a blend of shea butter, aloe vera extract, coconut and argan oils. Products include beard oils, aftershave balm and cleansing shampoo soap bricks and offer a range of topical yet earthy notes from grapefruit and caramel tobacco, bergamot and spice and lemon and crushed coriander. 

Halina Mutinta – Handcrafted Jewellery // @halinamutinta

Halina Mutinta is an independent Brighton based jeweller. Her work is inspired by both nature and history, featuring an elegant and edgy twist. She has also been heavily influenced by jewellery that was passed down to her as a child. All pieces are made by hand, celebrating traditional jewellers craft. Using 9ct silver and 18ct gold as well as ethically sourced gemstones and a mix of metals which have become signature statements of her creativity. As she explores the deeper connections to her heritage Halina will be launching a new collection inspired by her Sub-Saharan roots.

Dough Lover Diner – Organic produce // // @doughloverdiner

A North Laine bakery and cafe by day, a restaurant and bar by night. Serving coffee, breakfast, brunch, lunch, bread, fine wine, cakes, afternoon tea and elegant cocktails including a range of vegan dishes and sweet treats, this unique Brighton based eatery is perfect for all occasions. Their ethos to dining is simplicity mixed with healthy, high quality organic ingredients and a dash of discipline. They do things a little differently. Everything is gluten free, their sourdough bread has a minimum of 24hrs fermentation before baking, they make their own organic nut milk, only fry using coconut oil, all water is filtered and they have a no laptops or tablets policy.

Gypsophila Holistics – Relax And Rejuvenate // // @gypsophilah

Relax and unwind at Lucia’s holistic massage therapy spa. Gypsophila Holistics is an oasis in Brighton offering a range of therapeutic treatments to rebalance mind and body to help maintain balance and well-being. Offering relaxing treatments from deep tissue massage to reflexology and head massages. Treatments can be tailored to meet client needs from stress relief to muscle tension.