Le Art: Freeing the mind

Originally from Paris, Lea moved to Brighton less than a year ago as a way to broaden her horizons through first hand experience.

With the ability to connect with people in the traditional sense curtailed by our current circumstances Lea has developed her artistic output as a response.

“I’ve always enjoyed art and creating things and started drawing really young. I already had my instagram account a few months ago but, during this lockdown, I decided to restart it and also try a new style. I’ve always used the ‘ easy way’ of drawing just using black and white but now I am playing with colors.”

Finding release in art has scarcely been more important with the profound effect of social isolation measures becoming ever the more apparent. In this climate Lea has taken to creating vibrant yet ethereal scenes. Unashamed in their boldness these pieces are a perfect retort to our current form of our lives .

“I first started to draw landscapes as it is the most inspiring thing for me to draw in the current situation but then decided to work in differing themes of color, lines, and recently started creating three illustrations on single topics.”

Being able to reach out on social channels to others has also proven key to forging strong personal connections with other like minded souls.

“I created this as a challenge for myself to be more consistent in my work and creativity but also gather a community with the same interests. I wanted to use this time for the best, now that we have got all this time to do what we love.”

Lea is currently working on digitising her creations for future release and engaging in collaborative projects with others within the artistic community.