Vegan fried chicken coming to Brighton

Really Happy Chicken, a totally percent vegan fried chicken shop is opening in Brighton boasting a menu inspired by KFC and Southern American fast food.

The team at Really Happy Chicken are adamant about serving delicious, soul food first which just so happens to be vegan and will be doing so from Tuesday 4 August.

RHC has turned to seitan for their chicken burgers and wings, transforming the vegan staple with a top-secret spice mix and cooking methods. 

If you can’t decide, just get three

For those that don’t know by now, seitan boasts more protein per gram than traditional meat products and streaks ahead in terms of texture when it comes to imitation chicken (no hate on cauliflower wings, but, come on now).

The first of its kind in sunny Brighton, the RHC menu includes a broad range of burgers, wings and wraps, ready to be paired with a whole mess of straight-up-delicious sides.

Whilst similar concepts currently exist up in London – and opened a lot of doors in doing so – Really Happy Chicken is the first of its kind in Brighton, meaning you get a totally vegan buffalo ‘chicken’ burger and wings without having to muck around on Southern Rail, which is a total result.

Wings and wings and wings and wings

The restaurant is located on Preston Street, the heart of the Brighton food scene for those that know. A stones throw from the beach, Regency Square and the West Pier, RHC’s placement means that it is slap bang in the middle of town and you don’t have to endure the horrors of West Street to get there.

“Brighton has seen a surge of vegan restaurants in the past year or so and Really Happy Chicken is a happy addition to the vegan and plant based scene. The company is run by a team of ambitious, planet-obsessed individuals that are out on a mission to making vegan and sustainable living more accessible to the masses for the good of the planet and all it’s beings,” the company stated.

Commenting on the decision to open a vegan chicken shop in the heart of Brighton, Really Happy Chicken owner, Owais Amiri commented.

“We have developed a great tasting chicken alternative and have perfected the southern fried coating too. We know the vegans of Brighton are going to show us a tonne of love but we are confident this will sit well with the vegan curious and non vegans and that is what drives us most. For every vegan chicken meal consumed by a non vegan, we know we would’ve saved an animal life too.”

Read the full interview with Owais Amiri in UC003: Return to service. Coming this August.

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