Weekend what’s on: Fun in the sun

Brighton is in for an absolute scorcher this weekend, 31 July – 2 August, we’ve locked in some Bison beach beers, a real deal Mexican pop up, Brighton’s best kept secret and the city’s first vegan chicken shop.

Bison Beach Bar

The sun is going to have his hat firmly on this Friday meaning that thousands upon thousands of revellers will descend upon the city across the weekend. Naturally this means the beach between the Pier (aka the danger zone) is going to be absolutely jam packed.

Luckily, should you cast your eyes east, you will find The Bison Beach Bar, a seafront oasis of great beers, great food and actual real proper seats.

I am not a photographer but you get the idea. Beers, beach, less dickheads.

The bar not only sets you well away from the sunburnt bulldog tattoo crowd of the central beach, but allows you to swap your warm tins for proper cold crafty pints and spare yourself the pain of hours sat on pebbles.

Undercurrent road tested the bar on Thursday (it is the new Friday after all) and can confirm that it is very much worth the walk. Special note goes to the Cosmic Bone Juice IPA (Bison Beer, 4% ABV) and the little roof terrace which not only puts you right above the peropely delicious-smelling kitchen, but features the best bar view the city has to offer.

The Bison Beach Bar will be open all weekend, details and reservations H E R E

Bendito Maiz pop up at The Store

Should the idea of going within a mile of the beach strike fear into your heart, plant-based Mexican food legends, Bendito Maiz will be holding a pop up outside The Store 11am-4pm on Saturday.

The vegan duo will be selling a selection of their top products from El Pastor-style seitan, to homemade tortillas and moles, all the good stuff.

Further details can be found RIGHT HERE, and a full interview with the brains behind the operation is coming in UC003, which now has a proper title: Return to service.

Easy Tiger is STILL Brighton’s best hidden gem

For those that would very much like some lovely sunny drinks but would rather die than go to the beach on an August weekend, Easy Tiger is still the best pub in central Brighton, and the dickheads (myself notwithstanding) haven’t found it yet.

Brilliant beers, an impressive little outside space, some of the best Indian street food in the city, a really cool name, Easy Tiger has got it all.

Images from the Easy Tiger Facebook

Formerly known as The Hamption, Easy Tiger is tucked away on Upper North Street, meaning that whilst you’re sipping on a beautiful golden pint and tucking into potentially the best samosas going, you can feel dead smug that there are people queuing for primark less than 100 yards away.

From Wednesday 5th Easy Tiger will be part of the Eat Out to Help Out initiative, with 50 percent (up to £10) of all food and drink throughout August, but that doesn’t mean you should wait.

Anyone that has been will tell you, the food at Easy Tiger is absolutely unreal. It is straight up some of the best Indian food I have ever eaten in my life, and if I died eating the Punjabi Samosas I would die a happy man. Go there this weekend, as soon as you can, go with friends, go alone, just go. Trust.

Really Happy Chicken coming to Preston Street

Whilst not technically the weekend, it cannot wait, it is finally here, a fully-fledged vegan fried chicken shop is opening in Brighton.

Really Happy Chicken (RHC for those that don’t have the time to pronounce full syllables) will be swinging its doors open on Tuesday 4 August, much to the delight of personal trainer bank balances everywhere.

Commenting on the decision to open a vegan chicken shop in the heart of Brighton, Really Happy Chicken owner, Owais Amiri said.

“We have developed a great tasting chicken alternative and have perfected the southern fried coating too. We know the vegans of Brighton are going to show us a tonne of love but we are confident this will sit well with the vegan curious and non vegans and that is what drives us most. For every vegan chicken meal consumed by a non vegan, we know we would’ve saved an animal life too.”

Further details can be found HERE, and we will be talking to Owais over some wings and drinks for UC003.

Lastly, don’t go to the unofficial pride thing

There has been a lot of talk about an unofficial pride party happening on the beach over the weekend and we implore you not to go. We are still in the middle of a pandemic, the city is going to be absolutely rammed with pissed dickheads anyway and the papers are always looking for a scapegoat for new spikes.

We don’t want Brighton to go back into lockdown and we definitely do want Pride returning better than ever next year. Don’t give the scumbag Argus any excuse to slate the LGBTQ+ community.

Stay safe. Stay hydrated. It’s the weekend, baby.

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