Washed Out: Picks from the fest that never was

With this year’s edition sadly cancelled, Pat McNaught, the big boss behind behind Washed Out Festival, picks five acts from the fest that never was. Full interview coming in UC003.


Washed Out veterans and one of the booziest, most boisterous bands to ever do it; them damn dastardly Pints are an absolute force of nature.

The London lager louts may be on a bit of a hiatus, but you never know when they’ll shake the hangover and get back to crushing cans, skulls and whatever else is in their path.

“Lairy as fuck pub punk from London, increadibly loud fun and drunk. Their set in 2018 remains one of my all time Washed Out Festival memories. Such a great bunch of lads and such a good live band,” said Pat.

Garden Centre

Having just released the Pipe EP, Brighton-based pop? alternative? very good! band would’ve been a sure-fire Washed Out hit. If you love off-kilter instrumentalisation and unmistakable, high-pitched vocals you’re in for a treat.

“Garden Centre was the first band booked for 2020 and for good reason. It kinda sounds like Neutral Milk Hotel, Radiator Hospital mix, but it’s super unique. They have a really strange sound but it is really good, a bit trippy, wonky, unexpected,” said Pat.

Bloody Death

Local lo-fi heroes, Bloody Death would’ve been a lovely, lovely time slap bang in the middle of Washed Out Festival, but can still be just as lovely listened to right now.

The Ted Foster solo act released a record back in February and rather unfortunately has had its touring cycle done away with.

“It’s like an alternative rock one man but full band good time, kinda sounds inspired by emo, indie, lo-fi, Bloody Death are great.” said Pat.

The Menstrual Cramps

“The Menstrual Cramps are one of the most punk bands around. Pure pissing off boomer punks. No fucks given. They mean something,” said Pat.

Bristol-based queer DIY punks The Menstrual Cramps are the type of band that everyone needs in their life. Their 2018 album Free Bleedin’ pulls absolutely zero punches on topics including: smashing nazis, boycotting awful companies, destroying the Tory scum and Tinder.

It’s impassioned punk rock played fast, loud and proud. It is fucking great and when life comes back you owe it to yourself and everyone around you to support the band to the ends of the earth.


Hailing from Newcastle, three-piece noise merchants Blom would have blown the sunburn clean off your shoulders at Washed Out 2020. The band released an absolutely brilliant record earlier this year that runs 26 minutes off of five tracks. Through its many twists and turns the group take you through fuzzy punk choruses into stretched out noise segues and back again.

I can’t adequately describe what Blom sounds like. but rest assured they are going to sound ten times better live.

Pat said it best.

“They’re just fucking great, definitely worth checking out.”

Washed Out Festival will return in September 2021.

Full interview with Pat McNaught in UC003.