Undercurrent Bangers Club

The weekend is sadly over, so ease yourself back into the real world with the very first UC Bangers Club.

Undercurrent has finally realised it is 2008 and we are now live on Spotify to bring you the very first UC Bangers Club. Featuring house tunes from Cortese (Plaza UK records), the latest cuts of the new Marthagunn EP, a big rewind to The Story of Pumpfake, and ragers from Attestor and Currls.

Also up on Spotify is the big “Songs to drink tins to” playlist. The biggest tunes in the world of tins, as chosed by you, the Undercurrent readers. From Chumbawumba to Andy Williams, get a big bag of cans down the beach for the last knockings of summer.

Rounding off the Undercurrent Bangers Club is a special shout out to the most mysterious new punk act in Brighton: Top left Club. Featuring miscreants and members from all your favourite loud bands, the trashy synth weirdos have gone pure DIY and whacked up a live practice recording on Soundcloud.

That’s your lot you ‘orrible lot.

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