Five great Brighton restaurants offering September eat out deals

August’s eat out to help out scheme was a roaring success. It was a month where we got all-too-accustomed to having a wedge of our dinner bill wiped off purely because it was early in the week, and as such the crash back to full-price reality was a hard one.

Luckily a number of independent businesses across Brighton have extended the offer into September – providing us with one last chance to order double sides with slightly less guilt.

There are two weeks left of the offer, so six entire days to get money off on some of the city’s greatest grub, it’s most tasty treats, fantastic food, brilliant bites, and all the other alliterations I can’t think of.

*chef kiss* bon appetit.

Purezza Hove, Western Road

Hove’s very own two-storey vegan paradise is offering diners 50 percent off their bill (as per the original scheme) if you use the code “an extra slice” when booking online.

If you know Purezza you know it’s the damn best – this is not to be missed. The best pizza crust in Brighton (Undercurrent pizza crust awards 2020) vegan cheese that doesn’t suck, dough balls, free dips and bang on cocktails, what more could you ask for!

Co-owner and co-founder Tim Barclay also rounded off the announcement with a pizza emoji and a cool guy sunglasses emoji, so you know it’s the real deal.

Read an interview with Tim Barclay ONLINE HERE and in UC002 – on sale now

NuPosto, West Street

Should one slice not be enough, how about another from NuPosto on West Street. Not content with dishing out some of the best Neapolitan pizzas in the city, the restaurant is offering 50 percent off up to £10 per head for those dining in. Molto bene.

Franco Manca, Regent Street

If two entire pizzas for 50 percent is STILL NOT ENOUGH, then you can roll on your belly down to Franco Manca to finish your hattrick of doughy delights.

The Rishi II deal (we pitched the sub title, Return of the Sunak, but no dice) again offers 50 percent off your bill to £10 which means you can slam a pizza and then wash it down with some proper Italian coffee and a big ole tiramisu on the cheap. Hey Google, what’s Italian for “boss, that”?

Vegan Noms at The World’s End, London Road

Away from the wonderful world of pizza, you can snap up some Vegan Noms at The World’s End for a tidy 25 percent off both food and drink.

The kitchen only recently posted up The World’s End and recently launched its new vegan buffalo wings, the wonderfully titled ‘Buffalo Soldiers’ which look very, very good.

A new kitchen launching new delicious things, money off food AND drinks? Not even the unique inhabitants of London Road can keep us away.

The Bok Shop, East Street

Linked in no way to eat out to help out, but The Bok Shop is offering all manner of deals to celebrate the launch of its dedicated delivery service.

The centralisation of the on-demand food market has become dominated by big bad apps, and this can often leave the businesses at the other end at a bit of a loss.

To ward against this, The Bok Shop has launched its own delivery service, which means that every penny you pay will go directly to a local Brighton business: also you will get some damn tasty fried chicken as well, winner.

From 25 percent off orders, to free delivery and cocktail deals, the chicken kings of Brighton are offering more deals than Noel Edmonds at the moment, so scope their socials to see what’s live RIGHT NOW.

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