Fuzzbrain Studios needs our help to rebuild after devastating fire

Fuzzbrain Studios, one of the most important DIY music spaces in the South East was destroyed in a fire two nights ago and now needs our help to rebuild what was lost.

A crowdfunding campaign has been started to help rebuild Fuzzbrain Studios following a devastating fire.

You can donate right now HERE // AND HERE //

The studio, located in North East London, was completely destroyed two nights ago after a blaze spread from a nearby church. Fuzzbrain had been built from the ground up by its owner Ben Spence, and became a critical part of the South East independent music scene in its two years of operation.

The space itself and all the equipment within it is now gone, leaving Spence in an unimaginably awful situation.

“Bit of a madting that I’m posting what I’m posting but basically there was a fire that they think started at the church next to the studio yesterday night and it spread into the studio

Everything has gone all my equipment, shirts, records, mics everyyyyything dunoutere,” he said.

“I might be ghosting for a while but appreciate all the support that I’ve been given and I love everyone involved in this lil thing we got going on.”
In a show of solidarity members of the UK punk, hardcore, and various music scenes have come together to help support Spence and Fuzzbrain Studios.

Two separate efforts have raised more than £16,000 between them and numerous other people, bands and brands – including the absolute dons in Splitknuckle – have launched fundraising products to help support Fuzzbrain.

Funding links: