Horror short Chitarra Maledetta Part One releasing this Sunday

This Sunday 27 September will see the release of Chitarra Maledetta Part One, a horror short inspired by the films of Dario Argento and his work with the prog rock band Goblin.

Chitarra maledetta part one, from by Pysch_o_Deliah productions, is being released Sunday 27 September on Youtube, with its accompanying soundtrack going live on Bandcamp at the same time.

“It is a short horror video, inspired by the work of Dario Argento and the italian prog rock band Goblin (who did almost all of Argento’s soundtrack). It’s the first Psych_o_Deliah release and it’ll be out on sunday 27/09/2020 on youtube but people will be able to download the track for free or pay as much as you want on bandcamp too,” commented Alex Sinesi, the man behind the project.

Sinesi himself has long been part of Brighton’s musical fabric, playing in fuzz rock bands, an eight-piece soul ensemble, a Talk Talk cover act, and if that wasn’t enough, promoting events on the side. 

“I’ve started out mainly as a musician , I’ve been and still am involved in many different local music project of all sorts, from Stoner/fuzz rock merchant Thieves By The Code, to an 8 piece soul band South Coast Soul Revue to Laughinstock (a Talk Talk cover band) to name a few! I also teach music privately and run various open mic / music nights,” he said.

The marriage of vibrant, surrealist visuals with experimental scoring is a key hallmark of Argento’s filmography, and something that makes his films so compelling to this day.

With his work as a musician and a promoter curtailed by Covid, Sinesi sought to make the most of a bad situation and devote his time to learning the art of filmmaking and bringing his two passions to life in a single vision.

“The lack of work for musicians created by Covid-19,spurred me on to teach myself to produce and film. It was then, I decided to start Psych_o_Deliah production, a project based on my love of horror / B-movie and generally vintage soundtracks. “

Keep your eyes peeled this Sunday for the release of Chitarra Maledetta Part One and keep up to date with Sinesi’s work on INSTAGRAM, and BANDCAMP.

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