H_ngm_n release video for Ghost

Ahead of their upcoming split EP with Brightr, Brighton emo pop bandits H_ngm_n have released a music video for “Ghost” acoustic.

Brighton two piece emo pop legends, H_ngm_n (specifically lead singer Chris) have teamed up with acoustic punk legend Brightr (Laurie Cottingham) to release a wonderful new split EP of stripped-back tracks.

To celebrate the announcement, H_ngm_n has released the video for their new take on ‘Ghost’ 

The release will be available on 25 October through Real Ghost Records, and can be preordered RIGHT NOW ON THIS LINK. Physical copies of the EP will come with a one-of-a-kind polaroid, and are also just generally much nicer to have. Digital copies are also available. 

Speaking to the legends at New Noise Magazine, Chris from H_ngm_n shed some light on how the project came to be.

“I got to know Laurie (Brightr) about eight or nine years ago. I’ve been a promoter in Brighton for about that long, and I booked Laurie’s old band. From then on, I think we both started H_ngm_n and Brightr at a similar time, and ended up playing shows and all-dayers together and have always had a fun time and got on loads. From that, we ended up doing a load of tours together.

“We’ve talked about doing a split release for a long time. I think for me, it’s just been very long overdue, as I’ve never had any acoustic stuff recorded. During lockdown, I got a lot of feedback and help from the lovely Daly George (The Ranch) and learnt the basics of home recording and mixing. I think had I had some stuff recorded, this would’ve definitely happened sooner as we’ve toured together so much, it just makes sense. Both our music is quite similar in terms of influences and compliments each other really well.”

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