Washed Out launches its own coffee

Washed Out Festival has launched its own-limited run coffee, made in collaboration with Hastings-based Sham City Roasters.

Washed Out Festival may have sadly been cancelled for 2020, but have no fear, the city’s number one punk fest can get your blood pumping all winter long with its brand new coffee.

The Washed Out Roast has been made in collaboration with Hastings bean bandits, Sham City Roasters and reportedly has notes of nut, brown sugar, apricot, and most importantly – coffee.

Announcing the coffee’s release, Washed Out said rather eloquently: “These vibrant, full-bodied washed beans from the Amapola region of Costa Rica grown at 1350m above sea level on the steep slopes of Los Frailes and Bustamante by a collective of farmers committed to protecting the local environment and their local coffee culture specifically in the maintenance of the local rivers and scenic valleys.”

Washed Out Roast is available on its own or with ONE OF WASHED OUT FESTS SWEET-ASS NEW TOTE BAGS on their Bigcartel accesible by clicking anywhere in this paragraph xo.

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