Brighton named most vegan city in UK, Argus readers react as badly as you’d expect

Brighton has one more been named the most vegan-friendly city in the UK and as you’d expect, the gremlins that read that Argus have had a fair bit to say about it.

It’s official – Brighton and Hove is the most vegan-friendly place in the UK, or so says the experts at holiday rental firm Holidu (we’ve never heard of them either).

Our fair city boasts 9.14 vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes per 15,000 residents, placing it leaps and bounds ahead of its closest rival, Oxford and Edinburgh (5.81 and 5.5 per 15,000 respectively).

Such would normally be cause for celebration, for who would begrudge MORE options within a city, and yet The Argus readership have decided quite the opposite.

With the rag quite unhelpfully placing a stock photo of an avocado as its header image – and then place photos of actual vegan restaurants way past its pop-up surveys and general eye-wateringly awful ad design – the bait was cast for its legion of bigoted readers, and they duly took it.

The original post to date has garnered 31 whole comments, and clearly got off to a blinding start given that the first 18 (EIGHTEEN) have since been deleted by moderators – many in a purge Sunday morning.

We can only imagine the absolute bollocks that got written

Beyond the redacted nonsense some real gems can be found, with an argument initially kicking off about the volume of water required to grow an avocado (The unrelated header image set off the trolls, almost as if the Argus knew it would eh?).

A real debate for the ages

The comments hit the second big part of “Vegan discourse on the internet” quite quickly when one commenter decided to lump in about protein levels of those following a plant-based diet. The response was emphatic.

Someone got the Rocky boxset for Christmas

Having shouted about avocados and protein the topic quickly turned to hipsters, because those that read The Argus A. Still talk about hipsters B. Find their very existence a death knell of society.


Avocados, protein, hipsters. Where else could the Argus commentariat take us on this freefall down the rabbit hole?

Glad you asked. The Blitz of course.

Did we really expect anything less from the Argus?

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