Psych O Deliah releasing Halloween double feature

Psych O Deliah Productions is releasing a Halloween double feature at the stroke of midnight.

Psych O Deliah Productions, the brainchild of multi-discipline artists and filmmaker, Alex Sinesi is releasing a Halloween double feature on the stroke of midnight, 31 October.

The two short films follow on from Sinesi’s first foray into filmmaking, Chitarra Maledetta Part One, which was relased in September. The new project titled Death By Chocolate has been created in collaboration with Brighton’s favourite rapping chef, MC Cashback.

A still from the new short

“Deliah’s Heart – Psych_o_Deliah strikes again with another, trademark vintage 70/80s Horror  style short movie – Death By Chocolate – A Collaboration with the infamous Brighton based Rapping chef MC Cashback,” Sinesi commented.

Sinesi’s work is heavily influenced by the Italian horror masters of the 70s including the frankly untouchable Dario Argento.

The new short will be relased on Youtube HERE

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