Brighton pubs, restaurants offering lockdown deals

As of Thursday we are back in a big bad lockdown, but there is at least some good news – a number of local businesses are offering pre and post-lockdown deals for us common folk.

Freeloada vegan – East Street Tap

Freeloada Vegan has been a welcome edition to the city’s vegan scene since its opening at the start of summer, serving up some of the best burgers, loaded fries and wings Brighton has ever seen.

Now the kitchen is offering 25 percent off all eat-in food bills until pubs call time at 10pm Wednesday.

If you need any further encouragement to go, they do an ice cream burger that is the most brilliantly stupid thing you will ever eat – OFFICAL REVIEW RIGHT HERE.

Purezza – Western Road and St James’ Street

You already know the deal with Purezza – it is the best vegan neapolitan-style pizza you will ever eat in your damn life and now you can get them for 50 percent off during lockdown (collection only).

Lockdown 2: The Lockdown Strikes Back is coming, but in classic Rebel Alliance fashion we’ll be doing everything we can to get through it and get delicious pizza in your hands at a time when you need it most. 🍕
As of tomorrow we’re launching our 50% off deal on *click & collect* pizzas, running all through lockdown. And there’s no £10 cap per person… it’s just 50% off your whole order. Simply use the code ‘AN EXTRA SLICE’ on any click & collect order for collection between 12-3pm Monday to Friday. Minimum spend of £20 applies. #PlantPioneers

It’s award winning for a reason and that reason is because Purezza is fucking quality. Now you can get it at half price, I don’t feel any more needs to be said. Lockdown is going to be shit, so you may as well eat a load of top quality pizza.

The Wick Inn – Western Road

Arguably the best pub in Hove, The Wick Inn is offering some absolutely staggering deals on beer before closing time on Wednesday, including Pravha and Guinness for £3.35 and Hophead for £2.30 if you are in so way inclined.

There’s precious little else to say. There are two nights left to go to pubs and The Wick is serving up cheap as chips pints in a lovely, lovely pub. Quality.

Unbarred Taproom – Elder Place

The hidden gem of London Road, the Ubarred Taproom, is offering 10 percent off of its delicious beers over the next two days.

“Lockdown part 2! Our Taproom will be open 3pm – 10pm Tuesday & Wednesday this week and we will be doing 10% off everything in the Taproom🍻”

Unbarred is a wonderful brewery run by wonderful people and deserves all your money. Two days to go there. You will not be disappointed.

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