Lockdown two is here, stay safe

The second national lockdown has sent our city into hibernation. The nights will be darker and the weather worse this time round so it is ever the more imperative to guard yourself.

Living in this world of ours has got a little bit harder, but that is no reason to give in, nor give up. Out of the infinite sprawl of all time we haveall ended up alive at this moment and it is here that hope lies.

Through chaos or design we are together in the here and now. The global suffering wrought by this pandemic serves only to remind us that we are in this together, no matter how outside forces seek to divide us.

Guard yourself, take all neccesary steps to protect yout heart, but when possible help those around you.

Reach out to friends and family members, be patient with others you meet. This will not be easy for anyone, not by any stretch, but we can try to limit out impact on others by being more midful of our singular actions.

Stay safe, Brighton will return, we will see each other again and we will slam pints together again.

Have a little faith. There are reasons to believe.

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