Bandcamp Friday top picks: Support local artists

It is Bandcamp Friday once more, which means the service has waived all artists fees for 24 hours – every single penny you spend goes directly to the bands.

Bandcamp Friday was launched to help those in the music industry during the nightmare pandemic we find ourselves in. Without the ability to play shows, tour, and sell merch face to face bands have been stuck in a right old pickle, and Bandcamp Friday is the perfect way to HELP OUT.

Below are some helpful suggestions as to where you can support local artists.


The wonderful Brightr is selling a CD/t shirtmerch bundle featuring the recent split EP with H_ngm_n.

You can get it here:

And scope the latest Brightr video below.


Brighton noise rock legends, Ditz have dropped a new shirt and all purchases come with unlimited streaming of the band’s recent 5 Songs EP (recently released on Alcopop Records).

There is also a veritable bevy of other items on their Bandcamp, including records, shirts and even sock.

You can get it here:

Small Pond

Small Pond is a multi-faceted, infinitely-wonderful centrepoint of the city’s music scene, and has all manner of things on its Bandcamp for your purchasing pleasure.

Tote bags, shirts, vinyl versions of Without the Eyes from CLT DRPEnergetic Mind by Bonniesongs, and a digipak of Yumi and the Weather’s Some Days, amongst countless others.

Scope it here:

Peep the new Yumi and the Weather video below.

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