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DIY Punx in Lockdown group launched

Covid has cut us all off from each other and with that comes a blinkering of our cultural vision. Punx in Lockdown has been created to broaden these horizons, and help share the word of new music, art, film, books and all the rest.

Header image by Roman Laris: Bigcartel // Site // Facebook

Punx in Lockdown is the brainchild of Charlie Longman, best known as the frontman of punk rock maniacs PINTS, and was created with the sole purpose of bringing us a bit closer together.

“This year sucks and everyone’s miserable at home or working from home. Or maybe you’re at work and just fucking miserable because everyone else is at home while the tories steer the good ship HMS Covid 19 into the oncoming apocalypse at break neck speed,” he so eloquently said.

“Well during all this I realised that one I’ve missed most is discovering new things, you’d be surprised how many bands, tv shows, films, games, books etc you discover through interacting with your friends. So the point of this page is to ask all my talented friends in the D.I.Y punk community what of those things has been helping them throughout the various levels of lockdown.”

The Facebook group cropped up last week, with Longman putting in the hard yards and trawling the site for all the non-poser dickheads he knows.

Punx in Lockdown has amassed 150 (give or take) members so far, with a handful readily contributing their lockdown picks of music, film, literature and video games.

It would appear that the group is an all-ends-up good idea born from a genuine empathy for those that have had an integral part of their social existence ripped away from them – so naturally someone on Facebok disagreed and decided to be a dick about it.

You can’t win em all, eh?

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