Brighton punk band wife swap usa

Wife Swap USA drop The Difficult Second Album

Wife Swap USA, the best ‘hot new band and organised crime syndicate in Brighton have dropped a new EP: The Difficult Second Album

They often say the best bands are the ones that are the hardest to find on Google, and by that mantra Wife Swap USA are in a league of their own. The Brighon punk rock syndicate have just released a new EP, The Difficult Second Album and it is very good indeed.

Featuring such hits as Too Sad To Wank, Snowstorm and Lipstick, the self-released four track is a whirlwind tour of anxiety, drugs, partying and the depressing depths of aborted masturbation.

Recorded here in Brighton with Kim Jarvis of Gaffa Tape Sandy, the EP was very much a product of Covid, according to lead singer Harry.

“We had to go in one by one to the studio and do our parts separately which was a new experience, but a cool one. The band is made for live shows so not even having the other members in the studio when you were laying down tracks was pure weird. That said, we’re just super excited to have the tracks down and get them out there.”

Whilst the titles of the EP’s four tracks – and the occasional line – may err towards the comedic this is by no means a joke band. 

Opener Too Sad To Wank is a wallop right in the chops, but behind its abrasive exterior there are lovely chorus harmonies, well-thought out lead lines and a keyboard solo that I don’t think anyone will see coming.

What follows is a masterclass in melding the murky world of trash punk with genuinely top-drawer song writing. Lipstick and Sniffin’ USA bring surf licks to the party before closer – and undoubted highlight – Snowstorm all goes a bit riders of the storm as frontman Harry cries the cocaine blues with a gut wrenching honesty that can only be ascertained by experience.

There is no doubt that Wife Swap USA are best enjoyed as a booze-soaked live sermon, but with The Difficult Second Album the band have made a proper statement of their musical credentials. Behind the Tuaca and nudity there is a serious band here, and don’t they fucking know it.

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