Nierra Creek release debut single Born a Child

Brighton duo Nierra Creek have realsed their debut single, Born a Child, an intimate take on emotional acceptance.

Brighton folk/electronic music duo Nierra Creek have released their debut single, Born a Child, an intimate, honest take on emotional intelligance, appreciation and acceptance.

Regarding the inspiration behind the track, frontman Ryan Deag commented: “As children it is mind blowing how little we are taught about emotional imbalance. Even within times like these, people stay silent. But for people being born today, I hope it’s just a generational thing. If I have children I want them to see me cry, I want to ask them for help and to feel strength in doing so”.

“‘I will die a child, don’t forget, soft at the heart, tender and red’ this lyric sums it up. I have become more aware that every movement I make is a gesture from my childhood. I realise that I won’t ever become an “adult”. Nobody does. We are all growing from the moment we arrive into this world, until the moment we exit. Constantly figuring out who we are and how we navigate this fucked up world.”

The duo have been busy during lockdown, playing a sold out show at The Amersham Arms in London in October, live-streaming several home concerts for JOY and have already been featured live on air at Platform B radio. They supported Communion favourites MarthaGunn last year in London and there’s a socially-distanced tour on the horizon in 2021.


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