New music: Aaron Fitchett releasing ‘Promises’ on 15 January

Brighton singer/songwriter Aaron Fitchett – formerly of Echo Rain – is releasing his debut single ‘Promises’ on 15 January

A track of unflinching honesty, ‘Promises’ is the first music from Brighton singer/songwriter Aaron Fitchett. Having previously cut his teeth in punk four-piece Echo Rain, Fitchett’s solo work is a reflection of his own personal progression.

“It’s been a few years since I’ve released any music with a band and I’ve never officially put out any of my solo material. 2020 has given me a lot of time to throw myself back into it, rediscover my first love and get creative,” he said.

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“Promises is a reflection on that age old story of losing everything you care about for no reason other than you couldn’t get your shit together. Knowing better but repeatedly making bad decisions. Waking up after a heavy night and wondering who you needed to apologise to this time.”

With the clear eyes of sobriety and recent fatherhood Fitchett turns the mirror to himself on Promises, and does so with an unflinching honesty. The track exists almost as a duality; verses offer unanswered questions of bleak introspection – the kind most often found when staring at your own haggard hungover self in a mirror of morning mourning – whilst the chorus breaks into a rallying cry of personal belief in hand-clap, harmonised glory.

“The chorus was inspired by the birth of my son in July 2020 and making a commitment to being a better man for his sake. My reason why,” Fitchett explained.

If even writing one song in the hell of lockdown is not cause enough to celebrate, Fitchett will be releasing 12 tracks throughout the year (one a month, funnily enough) so scope the socials to stay in the loop.

“I’m really excited about this new venture and hope you’ll all be along for the ride.” he finished.