New Music: Electronic duo Loda.mi release debut single ‘Dial Up’

Brighton based electronic/alt-pop duo Loda.mi have released their first single ‘Dial Up’ – a dreamy take on long distance relationships, separation and excitement.

New Brighton music duo, Loda.mi self-released their debut single ‘Dial Up’ on Friday 22 January. Having taken the weekend to let it embed into our thoughts, the relevance of the duo’s debut is apparent – addressing long distance relationships and themes of separation. The first offering from Loda.mi encapsulates the beginning of the duo’s relationship.

Talking about the meaning of Dial-up Elliot said “Dial-up was inspired by the feeling of meeting someone and then having to move away from them without knowing when you will next meet. It’s about the thought of long distance, the doubts you have about letting yourself get sucked in but also the excitement and uncertainty of new beginnings. It’s about making things work and believing in the feelings you have.” 

Loda.mi consists of producer Elliot Turnley and vocalist Lea Dubois, who started writing and recording music together during the first national lockdown in shared accommodation. “We feel very lucky to be in the same space physically and creatively to work on our music” – Lea mentioned. when talking about the single Lea said ” I think a lot of people are going through long distance relationships and will be able to relate to the lyrics. Dial-up is holding on to the memories you created together without knowing when more can be created”.

The duo sonically take inspiration from Kllo, MK.gee and Kushi, aiming to find a unique place combining elements of electronic pop, garage, R&B and nostalgic electronica.  

“Our music explores nostalgia through memories of better times. We hope that our music can help people through these times as we remain hopeful for our culture to return soon”. 

Loda.mi will be keeping busy in 2021, aiming to release a follow up single  soon and live performance videos from their flat. This will also be accompanied by a new radio show. 

The track is live RIGHT NOW

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