Events: Washed Out Fest 2021 no longer going ahead

Due to the Tory government’s continued mishandling of the Coronavirus pandemic, Washed Out Fest 2021 has been cancelled.

Washed Out Fest was slated to take place in September of this year, but given the continued fatal incompetence of the Tory Government, event organisers have taken the decision to cancel the event.

Announcing the cancellation on Instagram, organisers commented:
“Hey everyone, unfortunately due to the Conservative parties [sic] mishandling of the pandemic, we will not be going ahead with the festival we had booked for September 10th &11th this year. Even if were legally allowed to go ahead, we do not trust the government’s judgement regarding our wellbeing and safety. Also, a large chunk of the audience and people performing would be able to attend due to being at risk and this does not meet our necessary accessibility standards.

“We will be back in summer 2022 (we hope!) and will be active with WOFtv over 2021. Stay safe,wear and a mask, and don’t be an idiot so we can all party soon.”

The issue of accessibility is one that is rarely raised when discussing the return of events. There is, understandably, a clamour to get gigs, festivals and general revelry back as soon as possible – both from a social and economic standpoint – but in this ket issues are often ignored. 

It is assumed that once an “acceptable” level of immunity is provided to the populace through vaccinations then events can return in force. However, reaching whatever arbitrary threshold this is placed at would not make these undertakings safe and accessible for those with any number of underlying conditions, notwithstanding the scores of people that would plainly not feel safe in attendance.

Whilst we are all absolutely buzzing to get back into sweaty rooms and climb all over each other to punk bands, running events that are exclusionary on health grounds would be morally bankrupt by anyone’s books. Furthermore given how the UK government allowed events like Cheltenham to happen when Covid was rife, told everyone to eat out to help out, visit their parents at christmas and drive all over the country for walks, it is safe to say that the decision to allow festivals to go ahead won’t be based on health grounds alone. 

“Part of the reason we bailed is because we realised a large chunk of the audience and people performing would not be able to attend even if it was deemed ‘safe’ by our capitalist death cult of a govt,” Washed Out organisers put, pretty succinctly.

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