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Pubs, clubs, seeking public input into impact inquiry

Night time economy leaders, including the big names in pubs, clubs and bars are calling on the public to have their say in a Parliamentary inquiry into the sector.

An All Party Parliamentary Group report into the impact of the Covid pandemic on the late night economy is seeking input from publicans, employees and consumers.

Those wishing to have their voice heard can do so: ON THIS LINK

The APPG launched its inquiry earlier in January as to fully assess the damage done to the sector – should it not already be glaringly bloody obvious.

Employers, employees and the thousands who enjoy pubs, clubs and all manner of night time pursuits, from Brighton to Bridgend are welcome to have their say on the state of the sector, and its enduring cultural, social, and economic importance.

Quite why it has taken 10 months of a pandemic for an inquiry to even be launched is anyone’s guess, but given the aptitude of our current Government, such tardiness should be of little surprise.

The hospitality sector has been brought to its knees by closures and restrictions that have been in place since March 2020 – and have little chance of being relaxed any time soon.  

The UK pub trade has been decimated by the Government’s handling of the Covid pandemic. Last Christmas period alone 39m fewer pints and 5m fewer dinners are expected to be served, according to the British Bars and Pubs Association (BBPA), and will represent the quietest festive season on record.

Faced with losing the most lucrative trading period of the entire year, many operations are facing almost certain closure, with Government support (a paltry £1,000 for wet-led pubs) more disgracefully short in supply.

It is estimated that community pubs are on average are currently facing £5,000 loss per month in operating costs with it taking a further £4,000 to open and close each time the Government orders so.

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