Music: Libra Libra hosting new music show on Slack City Radio

This Sunday Libra Libra will be hosting the second edition of the LL Cool Hour, a new music showcase on Slack City Radio.

Your favourite band, Libra Libra, will be presenting the LL Cool Hour 6-7pm on Slack City Radio Sunday – bringing the best sounds from the Brighton underground straight to your ears.

The show will feature cuts from; local legends Wife Swap USA; the properly brilliant CLT DRP  (debut record out now on Small Pond Record); psych pleasure pop goodness from Noon Garden; the electric Nuha Ruby Ra; and big tunes from Squid – and so much more.

The LL Cool Hour is a new fortnightly show on Slack City, having first hit the airwaves on January 17. Announcing the debut airing, the Libra Libra gang stated:

“LL Cool Hour is brought to you by US. Prepare to get swept up into a world symbiotic of the voices inside our heads, are we losing touch with reality, or is this the real world, are we real? are you real? Where has that hour gone? Will you get that hour back? Mixed in of course with music that inspires, educates and pleasures us from around the globe and features our very own Local Legends from that seaside town we know and love called Brighton, this my friends is the LL Cool Hour.”

It is naturally an incredibly tough time for all involved in the music game – especially now that PRS are charging for livestream events because they fucking suck – so any show of support is vital. So, instead of pawing at Netflix on your phone crying “there’s nothing to fucking watch” why get your ears round some brilliant tracks from brilliant bands, presented by brilliant people.

Just a suggestion, like.