Art: SEAS launching ‘Queering Spaces’ exhibition 13 Feb

SEAS Brighton is holding a special launch event for its new art exhibition ‘Queering Spaces’ on 13 February.

The Socially Engaged Art Salon Brighton (SEAS) will be holding an online launch event for its February art exhibition, ‘Queering Spaces’ on Saturday 13th. The opening will include talks by the artists, question and answer segments and a general discussion.

You can register for the launch right now ON THIS LINK.

‘Queering Spaces’ is a group exhibition, curated by SEAS founder Dr Gil Mualem-Doron, and is taking place within the wider scope of LGBTQ+ month.

The free online artistic exposition will feature photographic works from Anthony Luvera, Cathy Cade, Hussina Raja, Luc(e) Raesmith, Nate Lavey and Stephen Vider, Shannon Novak, Tara Brag ( Taha Hassan, UK) and Dr Gil Mualem-Doron.

“The LGBT community and its most vulnerable members Trans, refugees and asylum seekers, BIPOC, the young and the elderly, have been harder hit than others from the Covid19 crisis, the lockdowns and social distancing. This pandemic brought back the trauma of the AIDS crisis, it forced the community to see how vulnerable and marginalized some of us are, and it hoisted discussions about the importance of safe spaces when for some of us ‘#StayAtHome and stay safe’ is not an option and for some, it is even a contradiction,” commented organisers. 

“The exhibition ‘Queering Spaces’ by the Socially Engaged Art Salon (Brighton) focuses on significant places and moments for the LGBTQ community in the UK and abroad; from the first Pride at 70’s Los Angeles- captured by the renowned photographer Cathy Cade, to the squatting and club scene of London in the 80’s and New York drag balls, from spaces of support groups for people living with HIV to the struggles of LGBT communities in the Townships in South Africa and in countries where homosexuality is still illegal, from a toilet in a small town in New Zealand to Brighton’s Duke Mound’s Beach. The stories of these places and the people who make them are told through film, photography, installations and socially engaged projects that amplify the voices of those that are often unheard.”

Image Credit: Cathy Cade / The Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley via SEAS.

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