Music: Nierra Creek release ‘Burn Out the Fire’

Brighton-based duo Nierra Creek return with their explosive second single ‘Burn Out The Fire’.

Nierra Creek have released their wonderful second single ‘Burn Out the Fire’ – imbued with passion and sincerity, it’s a confident step forward for the band’s expansive sound.

Following their emotional debut ‘Born A Child’, Nierra Creek display new levels of drive and power through introspective lyricism and left field production. ‘Burn Out The Fire’ is both evocative and cerebral.

Speaking about the new track, front-man Ryan Deag says “For a while I doubted whether following an artistic career was a good choice for longevity. Whether it’s a relationship, a career path or what you should have for dinner, our minds relentlessly question what is best for us. We all find it hard to stay motivated, but talking to my best friend has always grounded me and helped me stay focused. He is now the face of ‘Burn Out The Fire’. A constant reminder to keep on truckin.”

Nierra Creek consists of Somerset songwriter Ryan Deag and Swiss producer Sebastian Müller. Taking sonic influence from indie folk artists Bon Iver to King Krule, to production heavy artists James Blake and Oneohtrix Point Never, the duo are forging their own unique sound which transcends genre.

The duo have been busy during lockdown, playing a sold out show at The Amersham Arms in London in October, live-streaming several home concerts for JOY and have already been featured in BN1 Magazine and live on air at Platform B radio. They supported Communion favourites MarthaGunn last year in London and there’s a socially-distanced tour on the horizon in 2021.


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