Music: Brighton duo Inky Nite release incredible new single ‘The Canyon’

Brighton alt-pop power duo, Inky Nite have released their incredible third single, ‘The Canyon’.

Inky Nite, a brand new alt-pop powerhouse and your new favourite band, have released their latest single ‘The Canyon’.

The Brighton duo have already garnered a great deal of radio attention for the latest track – which hit all major streaming platforms on Friday 5 February.

Channeling the darker side of the 80s pop scene, ‘The Canyon’ bristles with urgency. A forceful rhythm arrangement provides a solid foundation for the duo to explore melodic juxtapositions between sections, without the overarching sense of force ever waning.

Verses meld chorus-heavy guitar lines to the main vocal line, brewing an angular tension that finally resolves itself as the dreamy, ethereal atmospherics of the chorus wash across the still-constant beat.

Without giving too much away, the track never drops from the first chorus high, the moment when – having been held to sharp, shallow inhales throughout the verse – the track opens its lungs and lets air rush into melodic reaches only ever alluded to.

The craft, guile, and undeniable talent of the duo has caught the eye of a number of radio stations, with BBC Introducing south the latest to showcase Inky Nite.

Having launched in lockdown the act have yet to embark on their first live show, but rest assured, we will be there without fail. One to watch doesn’t seem to cut it this time round, listen to the tracks and you’ll know exactly what all the fuss is about and then some.

Header image by Chloe Hashemi // Instagram // Web

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