Music: Strange Neighbours release ‘Black Cat Walking’

Strange Neighbours have released their second single ‘Black Cat Walking’ featuring Maisy Banks.

Brighton two-piece, Strange Neighbours have released the second track from the collaborative EP. Black Cat Walking is a languid, soulful meander through a world of off beat percussion, saxophone mid lines and honey-rich vocal harmonies.

A juxtaposition from the angular, electronic cut and thrust of debut single Shake Down, Black Cat Walking enlists the wonderful vocal talents of Maisy Banks as guide to this lounge adventure.

Released on local label, Hideous Mink Records, and featuring members of the big band brash bravado bandit, Opus Kink, Strange Neighbours is a wonderful walk into the weirder side of the Brighton music scene, and frankly, we are properly here for that.

Scope the track above, on all major streaming platforms HERE and keep em peeled for the soon-to-be-released video.

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