Pubs: Brighton pubs slated for July full operation

It is believed that Brighton pubs will return to something near full operation in July, per Whitehall sources.

Pubs and restaurants won’t be able to fully open until at least July, according to government sources.

As is becoming the strategy norm these days, the Tory party has leaked details of its post-lockdown roadmap to the press almost a week ahead of its official release.

The Daily Mail reports that hospitality will be forced to wait until July for a proper reopening (albeit with social distancing in place) whilst workplaces, schools, gyms, non essential shops, and basically absolutely everything else can restart from April.

The hospitality sector has been brought to its knees by the Covid pandemic. The industry is one of the largest economic forces, and employers, in the nation, yet the government seems hell bent on placing it dead last in all planning.

To date there has been no compelling research showing that hospitality venues play a large part in viral transmission – especially when compared to schools, transport and offices.

Leading industry figures have voiced concerns over the new leaks.

Speaking to the Morning Advertiser, Tim Tomlinson, who operates three pubs throughout Lancashire, has responded to a Stirling University report that claims venues cannot adequately keep venues safe.

“I would challenge that other important areas of social interaction have far less control and oversight and therefore carry higher risks of transmission than pubs and bars,” he said.

“Ask anyone going to work at the moment in a factory, office or building site and see how rigorous their spacing and sanitisation is? Familiarity is one of the main reasons why people drop their safeguards and workplaces are clearly a big area where this is the case. None of these factors apply to pubs and bars.”

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