Music: Spinal Chord Records release Bathouse debut

New Brighton music label, Spinal Chord Records, has released the Bathouse debut EP on tape here in the UK.

Spinal Chord Records – a new Brighton music label – has released its first tape; the Bathouse self-titled EP.

The Swedish garage-punk three piece released a vinyl variant through their native Happiest Place Records, but have now been committed to tape for the first time.

The EP is not for the fair of heart. Raging through 10 tracks in 19 minutes the Malmo supergroup bring the noise in all of its dirtiest forms.

Foot-to-the-floor blast beats steam into moody punk stompers and back; guitar lines give way to abrasive noise; and vocals ebb between front-and-centre screams and desolate howls straight out of the reverb abyss.

“The debut LP from the Swedish Trio hits like a punch to the gut: a boldly confident first album drenched in feedback and served ice cold. Clocking in at under 20 minutes, the garage punk outfit are cannoning forward with the kind of noisy ruckus a young Nick Cave a la Birthday Party would be proud of. 

“Released digitally and on wax by the mighty Swedish label, Happiest Place Records, we are honoured to be giving this the tape treatment! FFO: The Hospitals, Metz, The Birthday Party,” commented Tom Brain, one of the…heads… behind the project.

Spinal Chord Records was founded in January 2021 with a focus on bringing unique, collaborative releases to the DIY market.

“By melomaniacs for melomaniacs, the vision is to create a platform of innovation that pushes well beyond the limits of artistry: promoting inclusivity, freedom of expression, collaboration, and above all, good times.  Focusing on sound, radical aesthetics, and collectability.”