Music: Aaron Fitchett releasing third single ‘Got Heart;

Brighton singer songwriter, Aaron Fitchett has released his third single of the year ‘Got Heart’

‘Got Heart’ is the third single released by Fitchett this year and follows stripped-back debut ‘Promises’ and the urgent ‘Knee deep in the dead’.

The track is a breakneck-paced folk rager, pulling precious few punches and all the better for it. It will be self-released on 15 March.

Explaining the track Fitchett states:

“I wrote Got Heart back in 2015 during a transformative time in my life. It has lived as a shitty voice memo demo in my phone ever since as it shows a vulnerability I was reluctant to share. Until this project gave me an excuse to put it out there. Got Heart is a key release for me, being the first solo song I wrote following the break up of my band Echo Rain.”

“I’d like to think it’s pretty evident what I wrote this song about, and I’m sure it’s an experience most of us share. The inevitable heavy break up of a fairly toxic relationship in which both parties know they played their part but choose outwardly to blame the other for its collapse rather than face their own downfalls. One of you is left in the house to clean and sort through the years of memories with a growing resentment.

“What’s worth keeping? What’s for the bin?Can’t believe I’m here again.”

“It’s a dark and shitty place to be and one where any semblance of a bright and happy future is impossible to fathom at the time. But it does change. It does get better. Life goes on and ultimately it was the right thing to happen.”

That’s “Got Heart”

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