Sport: Hastings boss labels league cancellation “laughable”

Hastings United boss, Chris Agutter, has labeled the decision to cancel another non league season as both “hilarious” and “laughable”.

Hastings United have now led the Isthmian south-east division at two separate points of cancellation, denying them a fair go at promotion.

Agutter, quite understandably, is not happy about the latest voiding. “If you don’t laugh about it, you’d cry,” he said to the Hastings Observer.

“The whole thing is hilarious. Null and void, then curtailed – they keep coming up with different words for it. After everything that’s gone on I’ve stopped trying to second guess what will happen. I don’t have a clue.

“I find it laughable there are teams who voted to end the league season who are now wanting to take part in a cup. It all stinks of self-preservation. I know it’s difficult because this pandemic has never happened before.”

The FA decided to ‘curtail’ the league season at Isthmian League and Southern Combination League level last week, although this is still to be officially confirmed by the FA Council.

Agutter was more upbeat when discussing the eventual return of football for the 2021/22 league season, noting that despite the disappointment, no one’s heads had dropped at the club.

“The whole ‘unfinished business’ factor isn’t the motivation for us. For me and the players, Hastings United is a good club to be at, and it has shown a lot of loyalty.

“Whatever division we are in we will be going out to win it. We want to challenge ourselves at the highest level that we can.”