Vigil held for Sarah Everard

A vigil for Sarah Everard was held in Valley Gardens, central Brighton at the weekend.

Scores of people came out on Saturday night to pay respects to Sarah Everard and highlight the systemic violence against women that our society not only tolerates, but propogates.

The peaceful event saw flowers, candles and signs lain, with more placed in the following days. The murder of Sarah Everard has brought to the fore the day to day violences women are subjected to, prompting important conversations in some sectors, and abhorrent action from the Met police, political institutions, and others.

Signs at the Sarah Everard memorial in Brighton ranged from messages of condolences, to critically important statementes.

“Men are afraid that women will laugh at them, women are afraid that men will kill them,” read one.

“Walking home… frightening 40 years ago, still frightening for my daughter,” read another.

Sussex police made one arrest and handed out eight fines for lockdown breaches at the gathering on Saturday night, a policy shift from happily escorting anti-mask marches along the front, posing with mod meetings and doing a sum total of fuck all about anything else.

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