Culture: Brighton Games Festival could be coming

A Wired Sussex report has put forward plans to launch a Brighton Games Festival to showcase the wealth of talent in the city.

Brighton and Hove is one of the most innovative – and in per capita terms, strongest – cities in the entire UK when it comes to video games.

Now, following a report by Wired Sussex and property developer First Base (the firm behind the Edward Street Quarter development) Brighton may well see its very own games festival.

David Amor, non-executive director, Wired Sussex and former Chief Business Development Officer at games studio MAG Interactive said: “With a total of 76 games companies in Sussex, this puts the cluster in a great position to attract talent, giving employees plenty of career prospects, but without the need to uproot to a new city for work when they want to progress. This is a major strength.

“We need to do more to put our cluster on the map and boost awareness of the many opportunities in the city, regionally, nationally and internationally, so that our cluster has the same recognition as other hubs around the UK. Our studios are highly collaborative and together we have already brainstormed ideas about how we can continue to help the sector to thrive.”

The “Sussex Games Cluster Report” is a wonderful insight into Brighton and Hove’s gaming business culture. Games companies in the city generate more than £200m between them, and this is expected to clock up to at least £250m by the end of the year. 

Deep in the heart of the city there are numerous development studios, from Boss Alien to Unity Technologies, whilst above the world-famous easy hours you can even find the home base of Eurogamer’s editorial team. 

Videogames are now worth more to the global entertainment market than Hollywood, and Brighton and Hove is right at the forefront of British independent development, so if you didn’t know, now you know.

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