Food: Really Happy Chicken bring back buffalo burgers and wings

Brighton vegan fried chicken experts, Really Happy Chicken have brought back their house-made buffalo burgers and wings, which is just the best news going.

Having recently relocated to a swanky new site on West Street, Really Happy Chicken have gone from strength to strength since they first opened in early summer.

An unexpected casualty of this success, however, was the vegan fried chicken experts housemade buffalo sauce, which mysteriously disappeared off menus without announcement. These were dark days indeed for those that found the ooey gooey, orangey spicy, vinegary loveliness of the buffalo wings a real highlight, such as this very magazine.

These dark days are now mercifully over – Brighton vegans can rejoice once more, because buffalo burgers and wings are back on the menu!

The post we have all been waiting for read:

“Okay okay, you’ve waited long enough. Our housemade Buffalo sauce is BACK and here to stay! We’re bringing back a crowd favourite which is now extra buttery, with a bit more spice and everything nice 🌶😉 and we’re calling it the BUFFALO 2.0 🔥🔥Team burger or wings?? Pick your battles, lets see the stats!”

As mentioned, Really Happy Chicken has a new permanent residence on West Street, slap bang in the middle of town. Backed with new branding, improved recipes, and a new range of sweet treats – including deep fried oreos, yes you read that right – they are yet another wonderful success story in the ever growing Brighton Vegan Scene.

You do truly love to see it.

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