Music: Projector release ZERO

Brighton garage punk invaders, Projector, have released new single, ZERO.

Projector have released their latest single, ZERO; an abrasive noise rock punch in the head that goes big on sonic soundscapes, and little on faff.

Clocking in at under three minutes, the Brighton trio pack a hell of a lot of action into one song. Discordant verse melodies break into absolutely massive fuzz bomb choruses and back again, and a cutesy solo section only serves to heighten the impact of the outro that follows it.

The three piece boldly claimed that their new material was “a new sonic adventure” and we’re more than happy to report that Projector were not, and still are not, fucking around.

The dual vocal delivery has been artfully distorted – adding urgency to periods of more reserved delivery, and pushing screams into full blown end-of-days territory.

ZERO is a work that far exceeds the sum of its parts. Quite how three members manage to make this much noise remains to be seen, and it is when the whole band let themselves off the sonic leash (typified by the stand out chorus and chaotic outro) that the track reaches its peak. 

The band tread the line between trash and artistry with sure footing. Every discordant note, every crash cymbal smashed to high heavens, and every layer of glorious noise is applied in service of the overall song and its sonic framework – it’s a trashy, urgent punk rager that only gets better with repeated listens, as every layer gradually makes itself known.

Lest that all be a bit wordy just know this: 

You will love ZERO because ZERO absolutely fucking rips.

Keep tabs on Projector, because if this is anything to go by, the record is going to be properly special.