Food: Boozy ice cream coming to Brighton with Mr Tipsy

Mr Tipsy, an alcoholic ice cream brand, is coming to sunny Brighton and Hove this summer.

The brainchild of Tom Gathercole, Mr Tipsy has been granted the necessary alcohol licence to operate in sunny Brighton and Hove – or to be exact, 46 George Street!

One as-yet-unnamed councillors had objected to the move and quite ludicrously claimed that alcohol-infused ice cream may lead to an increase in drunken crime.

Luckily it seems that many others saw sense and now Gathercole will be bringing us all boozy frozen treats for what will surely be a very fun summer indeed.

Now, we at Undercurrent tried to invent a Stella Artois Float once, and let it be known that it was really fucking dreadful, so it is great news that someone has put in the proper time, and effort, to combine two of lifes finest indulgences.

If the basic idea of eating an ice cream that has an entire unit of tequila in it doesn’t get you revved up (you poor, poor boring soul) then a few of the names certainly will.

Mr Tipsy will bring a full range of items to Brighton including 

*drum roll*

Rum Forest, Rum – Mango Rum Punch ice cream(Vegan) 6% ABV

No Way Rose – Rose win, raspberries and vodka sorbet (Vegan) 5% ABV

Tequiling Me Softly – Passionfruit margarita sorbet (Vegan) 10% ABV

Ello, Limoncello – Limoncello sorbet (Vegan) 6% ABV

Espresso Yourself – Espresso Martini ice cream 7% ABV

Is This The Way To Amaretto? – Amaratto and vanilla ice cream 5% ABV

It would take around 10 scoops to match up with chinning a bottle of wine, so quite frankly, the idea that people would somehow get absolutely blasted on the stuff before they exploded from volume of cream consumer, is ludicrous.