Food: Cin Cin coming to London

Cin Cin, arguably the best Italian restaurant in Brighton and Hove, is bringing its wonderful food to London.

The chain will mark its first foray into London with a Foley Street site in Fitzrovia. The site is expected to open its outdoors space towards the end of April, before a full launch in May.

Founded by David Toscano, and head chef Jamie Halsall in 2016, Cin Cin has quickly become a staple of the Brighton food scene with its focused, gloriously refined Italian menu, beautiful wine pairings and exceptional customer service.

“We’ve had a surprisingly good 2020 because whenever we were open our places were full and when we weren’t we had a delivery service to fall back on. In fact, during the most recent lockdown, we had some week in which we did more covers than we would have been able to do in the restaurant,” Toscano commented.

“Of course, the big question mark is how quickly people will come back into central London. But at least Fitzrovia has a village feel with some residential density. And the BBC being round the corner should help.”

The new site will be accompanied by a new menu with an increased focus on smaller plates and secondi-style dishes due to market competition and consumer demographic differences.

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