Music: Loda.mi release second single, Stay True

Brighton electronic pop duo Loda.mi have released their second single, the achingly beautiful Stay True.

Following on from debut single Dial-up, Stay True is a deeply personal ode to breaking through barriers and facing oneself in order to overcome struggles and creative output. The track sets this exploration of self-doubt against an airy electronic soundscape – a juxtaposition that only serves to highlight the weight of the subject matter.

The lead vocal from Lea Dubois is sincere and understated, and proves the perfect accompaniment to the sparse, yet intricate sounds of producer Elliot Turnley. The latter experly utilises analogue tape sounds and field recordings alongside beautifully affected synth lines and vocal harmonies to create the rarest of all things – a soundscape that feels airy yet never empty, lush and rich of tone, yet fragile as sugar glass.

Talking about the meaning of ’Stay True’, producer Elliot Turnley commented: “Stay True symbolises breaking down my own personal wall of doubt and insecurity towards my output to the world. Something I have struggled with for a number of years but have found peace with now.

“I hope this resonates with people on their own personal journey. Nostalgia is a big part of my writing and production style, these sonic clips help me encapsulate memories. The important message conveyed in ‘Stay True’ is to not get lost in your memories and the past, but to be fond of them and remain and act in the present.”

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