Bad Luck Social Club, a new vegan coffee spot, opening 19 Oct

Bad Luck Social Club is opening on York Place, just opposite St Peter’s Church, on Tuesday 19 October.

The new coffee spot will be serving up Sussex speciality coffee courtesy of Cast Iron Roasters and a range of over-the-counter vegan treats. Have no fear though, my hungry pals, a full vegan food menu is in the works and will be launching soon.

The project is a joint venture between the rock n roll demons at Bad Luck Magazine and Saorsa 1875, which you may remember as the UK’s first totally-vegan hotel in Perthshire.

The whole team are playing it close to their chest with Bad Luck Social Club but here are a number of things you can 100% expect:

  • There’s going to be great coffee
  • It is made with La Marzocco espresso machines
  • There is a fucking lit red neon sign
  • It’s all totally vegan, so get that flat white without the worry
  • If Saorsa menus are anything to go by, the food is going to be outrageous
  • Bad Luck are on the decks so the music is going to be absolutely class
  • It is right in the bit of town that you forget about, but is actually pure class

You can score a free cup of joe opening week by signing up on this link right here.

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