Interview: Alfie Neale on new single ‘She doesn’t love me’ art collabs, and cold pints

Brighton singer/songwriter Alfie Neale is dropping his new single ‘She doesn’t love me’ just in time for the weekend.

Alfie Neale is a singer, songwriter, and producer, hailing from Dorset and now based in Brighton, England. His upcoming release ‘She Doesn’t Love Me’ is set for release on the 15th of October (This Friday). His sound is an emotive and brave mix of styles, investigating elements of soul, disco, jazz, and hip-hop.  

Neale’s influences range from the modern (Amy Winehouse, Anderson Paak) to the classic (Doobie Brothers, George Benson) reflecting his wilful genre-hopping tendencies.

We got into it with Alfie ahead of the release of ‘She Doesn’t Love Me’ to talk inspirations, art, Brighton and, of course, pubs.

UC: Hi Alfie, She Doesn’t Love Me is coming out tomorrow can you tell us a bit of the background behind the track, where did the inspirations come from, be it lyrically, musically etc?

AN: The track discusses the sometimes silver linings of a breakup which is I guess something that’s missed amongst the pain and self pity sometimes. It’s not so focused on a breakup which was reckless and dramatic, more two people who have just decided to call it quits and are reflecting on the time they spent together. It’s pretty simple in terms of the chords and I love writing songs which I can discuss every point I have to make, sometimes it’s hard to make them all sound good together but this one worked out.

UC: You bridge a whole load of genres in your music, how do you find that process? Is it something that comes naturally?

AN: I think it’s hard to make music (for me anyway) without blending genres nowadays, but I guess it comes naturally. Growing up in Dorset in the internet era I wasn’t so exposed to live music or a scene to hone a certain genre, but spent most of my teenage years listening and playing just about anything from hard rock to pop tracks with so many other genres which have now grown together.

It feels like the last few years have come together really

Alfie Neale

UC: Obviously, it’s been a wild year and a bit, but you’re back playing shows and now releasing new music, how does that feel? What has all the time spent behind the scenes been like?

AN: It feels like the last few years of have come together really. I’m not great at looking busy when I’m not and I forget to show people what I’m up to when I’m busy so it’s been quiet on the surface. I’ve spent a year or so preparing for this track to be released and can’t wait to show everyone all the hours of work that have gone into the single and the other music I’ve been working on!

UC: What’s up next? Is this the start of the new wave of Alfie Neale music and shows?

AN: Shows are always on the cards, I’d never release music without the intention of playing headline shows and I really feel like this music is headline material. I feel like I say it every year, but I really do believe that next year will be a highlight for me this time.

UC: Touching on the city, Dorset to Brighton is quite the move, what was behind that? And what’s your views on the city? A lot of people I speak to talk about an openness to collaborate among creatives here, have you felt that as a musician?

AN: If you’ve been to Dorset you’ll realise that a solid musical scene is pretty much non-existent there. I moved to Brighton for Uni as a lot of people do, but honestly I’ve never felt somewhere where I know I could go and see some class music in any of the small venues I walk into pretty much every night of the week. Everyone’s up for writing together and doing each other favours and that’s what grassroots music is all about.

UC: Last orders, what do you reckon is the best pub in Brighton and why?

AN: I’ve got to say Waggon and Horses. Big tables, heaters, cover when it rains and ice cold pints right in the centre of town, what more do you need haha! Honourable mention to Spiegeltent (what a place) but that’s only in town a few months of the year.

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Scope Alfie’s ft. spot on ebdl – Cigars below.

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