Small Pond releases ‘Emerging’ compilation of the best new Brighton bands

Brighton’s very own Small Pond Records have released their yearly ‘Emerging’ compilations, featuring eight of the city’s best new talents.

Small Pond Presents: Emerging Part 2 is a beautiful reminder of what makes Brighton so great. Eight brand new bands dropping absolutely belting singles, pressed on 12” vinyl with beautiful artwork.

It is an absolutely brilliant project, and in case you’ve been missing all the superlatives to this point:

It. Is. A. Very. Good. Record. That. You. Should. Buy.

As luck would have it you can buy digital and vinyl versions right here on this big link.

Emerging Part 2 features:

Listen to these bands, buy the record, support new live music, and don’t be a fuckin jabroni.

The record label/practice space/general heroes of the city’s underground music scene, invite bands from throughout the area to apply for Emerging, with the best of the best getting studio time and their track slammed onto a lovely vinyl alongside their peers.

Small Pond label manager and EMERGING project leader Liam McMillan says: “I’m really over the moon that we can work with a new group of talented young artists on our ‘Emerging’ project this year. We have been working really hard behind the scenes at Small Pond to create a host of new projects that support our local scene and beyond. It’s been an extremely challenging year, but delivering a project of this nature will undoubtedly have an immediate positive impact on our creative community.”

Read our big interview with Liam here.

Along with a tailor-made marketing and PR campaign for the release, musicians will receive support and industry guidance in the form of workshops, pre-production meetings and mentoring throughout the process. Each act will also receive an allocation of the finished vinyl to sell as merchandise, getting them on the way to earning a tangible income from their music.

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