The Walrus pub accused of forcing staff to work through Covid symptoms

As the Omicron variant rips through the city, bosses at The Walrus pub on Ship Street are reportedly forcing unwell staff to work public-facing shifts

Header image from Jim Linwood on Flickr

A weighty claim has emerged that bosses at The Walrus pub are attempting to force staff to work public-facing shifts despite presenting with Covid symptoms.

One staff member shared the details on Twitter.

Rachel states that one other member of staff recently tested positive for Covid, and she has developed the main symptoms of the virus.

The debilitating nature of the viral infection meant that she was not only unfit to work, but if she were to do so, she would be posing a massive health risk to other staff members and the general public.

As per guidance she ordered, and took a PCR test but intended to isolate until the result came back.

Management readily informed her that such a leave of absence didn’t line up with “Company policy” and that she would be required to work the shift.

Whilst it is understandable that hospitality is going through a shitty time, blatant safety failings and toxic management are not the way to get the world back on its feet.

As yet, The Walrus management has not commented on the issue.

UPDATE: 13:00 16/12/2021

Further allegations have come to light regarding behaviour of Walrus management.

One Instagram user also commented;

“Same company pre-emptively fired most of its staff at the beginning of the pandemic and then only hired back the ones who didn’t try to unionize. I worked there for almost two years under some of the scummiest management I’ve ever met. Not even slightly surprised by this.”

Another said:

“I worked there Christmas day last year and they made a young man come in who clearly had covid symptoms and made him work the lunch service. All the staff wanted him to leave because he clearly had covid but the management made him stay. – Guess who tested positive for covid that night after being made to serve old people for hours? Not even to mention some of the sexist assistant managers.”

And ANOTHER said:

“Sadly not surprised. Nothing’s changed, they’re still the most horrendous to work for. We were always treated like dirt there.”

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