Nierra Creek releases Frontline

Brighton electronic/folk duo have released a brilliant new single, Frontline.

Nierra Creek are back with their most heart wrenching offering to date ‘Frontline’. An explosive electronic rock ballad that is both beautiful and breathtakingly sad.

In delivering a new found love for thunderous guitars and scorching synths, Nierra Creek have transformed their intimate sound into something Herculean.

Speaking about the new track, front-man Ryan Deag says “We wanted the music to represent the emotions that someone goes through as their world crumbles around them.

For me, It was important to be more direct, to lay my cards on the table. Frontline is about still fighting for someone even when they have broken your heart.”

Nierra Creek consists of Somerset songwriter Ryan Deag and Swiss producer Sebastian Müller. Taking sonic influence from indie folk artists Bon Iver to LOW, to production heavy artists Jim-E Stack and Oneohtrix Point Never, the duo are forging their own unique sound which transcends genre.

In the chaos of 2021 the duo released their debut EP, toured the UK with MarthaGuun and were BBCintroducing in the South West’s (Sarah Gosling) Fave find. They played alongside the likes of Freya Ridings and The Amazons at St Pancras old church for “Into the Song”, were featured on Slack city radio, Totally Wired, Platform B and BN1 Magazine.

Their music has also featured in promo videos for Neighbourhood Skateclub UK and they have created a cult of fans that proudly wear their sustainable, self made (with love and care) merchandise. 2022 looks bright for Nierra Creek.

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