Women Waltzing in Time, a multimedia arts installation, opening Friday 29 April

Multimedia artist, Anna Cambier is presenting their new multimedia installation, Women Waltzing In Time at the Regency Town House. The work explores dementia, memory and identity.

Anna Cambier presents Women Waltzing in Time, a multimedia installation in collaboration with The Hop 50+, Zuyd Hogeschool, Zuyd University of Applied Science Maastricht, and Iarts.

The exhibition will take place in The Regency Town House, Brighton, from Friday 29 April.

  • Opening night 29th of April from 5pm-9pm
  • Open until 3rd of May every day from 11am-6 pm 

Artist, Anna Cambier describes the installation:

“Women Waltzing in Time is a collaborative multimedia installation exploring a fragile world where time and identity are lost while the power of imagination and playfulness still remain.

It is an homage to my grandmother and to all the women I have worked with.

The work has been developed by researching involuntary movement, patterns, rhythm, and unconscious forms of expressions of people living with dementia.

It explores how time suddenly becomes non-linear, like a dance backwards and forwards in time, parallel to anyone else.

When you enter the house of The Women Waltzing In Time, you are transformed into a complex web of ever changing information – what was once a memory of yourself is now a memory of your daughter.

Every act of remembering becomes an act of creation. Is the truth still important?”

The exhibition Women Waltzing In Time builds from a short-film about dementia that Cambier created in 2019 called “Die Zeitwalzerin”, which explores the perception of time and space of their grandmother.

They later worked with other people living with dementia on an installation called “Journey To The Moon-Land” during a residency in Leipzig called Pilotenküche.

“During this experience I observed how moments of the past were suddenly remembered while doing specific and unusual body movements. When working with clay for instance, one woman remembered one of her favourite dishes that she used to cook when she was younger,” Cambier explains.

The other woman suddenly jumped up and said “right children, I will make your bed now, it is time to go to sleep”. In other moments, for example while painting with acrylics, poetic monologues came to life in which the mind seemed to wander from one thought to the next, from one timeline to another, like a dance.”

With Women Waltzing In Time, Cambier aims to visualise these observed states of mind and looks for possible physical translations, as to create a bridge between two minds whose connection is drifting apart.

“I want to shift the narrative of seeing people with dementia as “Victims” to view them as “Creators”. Creators of spaces, creators of constantly reimagining others and themselves and creators of time,” Cambier explains.

“I see myself as a translator, trying to capture unconscious forms of expression and weave them together into fantastical worlds that are accessible for people to enter and to explore.”

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