Le Art: Freeing the mind

Originally from Paris, Lea moved to Brighton less than a year ago as a way to broaden her horizons through first hand experience. With the ability to connect with people in the traditional sense curtailed by our current circumstances Lea has developed her artistic output as a response. “I’ve always enjoyed art and creating things and started drawing really young. I already had my instagram … Continue reading Le Art: Freeing the mind

XXV: Art in the right place

The transient, undulating undercurrent of Brighton’s art communities provide fertile ground for many finding their way in the city. The collaborative dedication to progression and inter-personal support has served Tom Stroud, the man behind XXV Art and potential best artist in the world well in his years in the city by the sea, now suitably equipped with thicker glasses and aching joints, he is looking … Continue reading XXV: Art in the right place