Happy Maki owner accused of biphobia, transphobia by ex-employees

A collective of 10 former Happy Maki employees have released a joint statement accusing owner Anna MacDonald of transphobic and biphobic actions. On Thursday 8 October 10 former employees of Happy Maki released a joint statement detailing their collective resignations due to the actions of owner Anna MacDonald. “In the past week, 10 staff members from the Happy Maki Brighton store, have quit over the … Continue reading Happy Maki owner accused of biphobia, transphobia by ex-employees


Synchronicity. Occurrences of incredible importance that come to pass seemingly without reason. Yet, it is in this acasual happening that true meaning can be derived. Neither as flippant as the concept of coincidence nor as faith-centric as that of fate, synchronicity is understanding of the unfathomable. It is the convergence of existential parallels that cannot be adequately understood in terms of chance. The understanding of … Continue reading Synchronicity

Jimi’s: The punk rock barbershop

Beyond fond memories of youth and the current gentrification drive, Brighton still offers refuge for the rejects of this world and all the fun and games that entails, comments Jimi Dymond,  bossman of Jimi’s Barbershop. Header image by @acases_photography Undercurrent: How did you find your way down to Brighton? Jimi: I had come down for punk gigs and nights out from time to time as … Continue reading Jimi’s: The punk rock barbershop