Music: Aaron Fitchett releasing second single 15 Feb

Brighton singer-songwriter Aaron Fitchet will be releasing his second single ‘Knee deep in the dead’ on 15 February. 

Fitchett will be releasing his second single ‘Knee deep in the dead’ on 15 February. 

The track is a bolder, more urgent creation than debut single ‘Promises’ and alludes more strongly to his punk band past with the addition of electric lead lines and a more aggressive vocal performance. 

“I’m really excited to put out something a little different for the second single of this project. Featuring a prominent electric guitar part and I wanted to create a track of more drive, and more urgency than the previous, folk-inspired single Promises,” he commented.

“Inspired by recently becoming a parent for the first time and wanting to be the best father I can be, “knee Deep In The Dead” is written from the perspective of a deadbeat dad who walks out on his family, burning all bridges in the process. A Frank and honest account of the man I never want to become.”

Fitchett will be releasing one single per month for the entirety of this year, as he marks his first endeavour into the solo realm. Stepping away from a full band setup, the Brighton-based songwriter has sought to do away with the superfluous and hone in on beauty in simplicity.

“I wanted to explore the classic mantra of “less is more” while writing this song. Choosing only four resting chords for the whole compositing I sought more to define sections through experimentation with rhythm and accents. This technique, coupled with heavy strumming and the introduction of an electric guitar part, serves to imitate the sound of a train racing along the tracks. This feeling of a runaway force was something I wanted to capture to mirror the key themes of the song – running away from the ultimate responsibility.”

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