Music: ‘Pretense’ by Collect Call – a delightful digital dream

‘Pretense’ by Brighton electronic pop act Collect Call is a wonderfully dreamy reminder of the love around us.

The work of Joe Thorpe, Collect Call is a balm for our trouble times. The Brighton creative’s most recent output, ‘Pretense’ is a hazy summer memory committed to tape – lo-fi electronic beats intertwine with undulating, acoustic guitar lines below vocal tracks that ebb and flow like shimmering waves.

“Pretense is a love letter to the digital age – an outcry for people to throw away technology and embrace the people that mean the most. I feel that this is evermore necessary within the confines of lockdown (even if tech has been a crutch for people who live alone/can’t see loved-ones),” Joe explained.

The track is out now on all good streaming platforms via Murmuration.

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