All Better releasing ‘The Laughing Stock of Me’ on 16 November

Brighton pop punk three-piece, All Better, is releasing ‘The Laughing Stock of Me’ on 16 November through Sugar Free Records.

With ‘The Laughing Stock of Me’ All Better took deep dive into the thematically murky waters of self acceptance and have come out swinging with a high-energy, relentlessly catchy banger.

While it nods heavily to the band’s roots as a straight-up pop punk outfit, the single marks a tonal shift in both lyricism and musicality.

Behind the big sing along choruses and verse hooks All Better show a great deal of musical craft and composure.

Bass lines are marked with subtle embellishments, the vocal delivery borders on the grittier side in parts, and the guitar tracks break away from the basic chord phrasing that so often blights the genre.

In their own words, All Better state that ‘The Laughing Stock of Me’ is all about how

“Life will put you in every conceivable position, but once you can laugh at yourself, you can begin laughing at the horrors that life may throw your way. You’ll be selfish, mean spirited, perverted, self-loathing, misunderstood, proud and juvenile, but in the end, we’re all human and this is our journey. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up or lose sight throughout the process. Just pick yourself up, learn, laugh and move on.”

Laughing Stock of Me is out everywher on 16 November, and the video (which is absolutely fucking class) will follow on the 23rd.

You can pre save the track, and all that good stuff on links in the bands socials.

Which are: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

Aaaand you can catch the tri on the road at the below dates!

  • 30 November – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton (supporting Kali Masi)
  • 2 December – Little Buidlings, Newcastle (with Havelocke)
  • 3 December – Dubrek Studios, Derby (with Havelocke)
  • 4 December – The Waiting Room, London (with Havelocke)
  • 5 December – Le Pub, Newport (with Havelocke)

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